3rd June 2019

I had a call recently from a client whose child has been seriously ill in recent times. This is a terribly difficult situation for any parent, and the operations and follow up continue as I type this.

We had set up a protection policy for her some years ago which included Children’s cover. At that time, she had no children but the benefit was automatically included along with her “critical illness” policy. She received a lump sum from the insurer, which has been an important help at a very trying time for the family

If you know of anyone going through a tough time from a health point of view, or if their child has suffered serious ill-health you should tell them to check out if there is any potential help from their insurer. This may be a helpline to call for advice and guidance, or it may be some form of financial pay-out.

If you have children and have no cover you should seek independent financial advice on this issue as soon as possible.